ATTENTION Toronto Peeps: Tibbs Needs A Home STAT

Let’s pick up the story from Lauren K.: “Meet Tybalt (a.k.a. Tibbs.) This beautiful, healthy 3 year old boy recently came into our lives through a friend who adopted him from a Toronto shelter. Unfortunately, due to severe asthma issues, she was unable to keep him. My husband and I took him because we could […]

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Napa Earthquake Kitteh UPDATE!

From Michelle W.: “Remember these Cute Rescues from the Napa Valley Earthquake? (August, 2014.) We kept two of them, and they’re just as fabulous now, though 6 months older and many pounds larger! Gandalf the Gray, and Princess Leia. Sisters. (Yes, Gandalf is female. We didn’t know that when we named her… and it stuck!) […]

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April 26, 2015

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M.I. Featured ResQte: B326 And B327

Welcome to the world, B326 and B327! Ranger Kate with the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area explains “our biologists recently ear-tagged these adorable 3-4-week-old bobcat kittens..[*Note: Bobkittens? -Ed.] part of our nearly 20-year-long study of how urbanization has affected bobcats in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding area.” “We’ve been tracking the mom, B255, since […]

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April 23, 2015

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