Shih Tzu Peekaboo!

“Hi, in honor of the New Rule #57, I’d like to submit our Shih Tzu gals, Sprinkle (above) and Truffle (below.) I was trying to get pictures after returning from the groomer but they like a little peekaboo from under the kitchen table. Thanks, Scott C., York, PA.” Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Ewok, puppeh

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July 11, 2015

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Third Time Is A Charm, Tessie!

Tory M. writes: “This is Tess The Queen of Manhattan on the dining room table, clearly exhibiting Rule #50: ‘If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute,‘ and I believe also Rule #19, ‘Dainty paws are cute’, as Tess looks very much the lady in this picture. I’m not sure what “juicy” means here, […]

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April 20, 2015

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