Spaghetti….At Sunset!

Baxter & Dixie made the treacherous journey across the Wild Wild West the living room floor in search of a better life for their fledgling family. They were down to their very last can of Pedigree Traditional Ground Dinner with Chunky Beef, Bacon & Cheese [*Note- Doesn’t sound half bad. -Ed.] when they came across […]

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July 9, 2015

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“Hey, Honey? When Are The Gardeners Coming?”

“I know what you mean- the sunflowers in the back are looking kind of…..well, shaggy. And I do believe one of them BAAAA’d at me.” FAVE FRAME™! From Rahja M. BONUS VIDEO: While we’re on the subject of Bebeh Goatsters….anyone wanna play Musical Chairs Goats? (From Tastefully Offensive.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Fave Frame™, Hey Honey

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June 23, 2015

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