Princess Pricklepants, Pirate Queen!

Now gather ’round, me swabbies, for we’ve got a tale to tell ‘Tis the tale of Princess Pricklepants, who ye’ve come to know so well Seems she’s become a pirate queen and terror of the seas Aboard the rogue ship Fisher-Price, to plunder as she please ‘Tis sender-inner Steven B. knows full her daring story So […]

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August 6, 2015

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It’s The Princess Pricklepants Show!

Hi-dee-ho there, Pricklers and Pricklettes! Last week, we saw how much more fun the “Star Wars” prequels would be with HUNGRY DINOSAURS! (I especially enjoyed seeing Jar-Jar being eaten alive!) But today we’re going to have FUN ON A CATTLE RANCH! Running a ranch is HARD WORK, kiddies! Everybody wants to eat your cows without paying for them! Why, […]

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May 29, 2015

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Time to Make the Hedgehogs!

Here’s a fast and easy hedgehog recipe you can make at home: 4 cups thumb tacks or push pins 1 cup cactus juice 6 ounces grated cheddar cheese, extra sharp Combine ingredients in bowl, spoon into muffin tin. Let set until nosicles are moist. Serves six. Via Awwww! Cute!Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hedgehogs

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May 15, 2015

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