M.I. Trading Cards: Chacha P

We first got a look at CC back in June (Trading Card #4), and now she’s back and, um, bigger! “Hello, we’re a bit late but Chacha wishes you all a (winter) fluffy New Year!! Greetings also from feeder and door-opener Camilla E.” Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: C.O. TRADING CARDS, Kinda an Encore but not […]

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January 12, 2016

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H.A. Bun Cafe World Tour: Tokyo

After a brief hiatus, our Bun Cafe World Tour returns to its old stomping grounds of Tokyo. Karen writes, “I must share one of the cutest experiences while on vacation in Japan earlier this month. This is a video of the bunnies at Mimi Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo, arguably the most well-known cafe for the […]

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End Of Nosevember Means…

…it’s time for Christmas photos! Do you have one like this one of Cody from last year? If you do, send it on over– we’d love to see it and maybe use it right here! (PRO Tip: Make it sharp and clear, and the larger the file size the better- just not so big it’ll […]

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Peter Pan, The Lamb From Down Undah

(*Thought about a Men At Work “Lamb from Down Undah” thing but couldn’t make it work, sorry.) Ella sent us this FANTASTIC GIF she found on Imgur. “Just what you’d expect of a lamb – wobbly goodness.” Well, the hoomin looked familiar- that’s Pam Ahern of Edgar’s Mission. (Plus, you can see it on her […]

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