“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad™ (#P)?”

“I think you left it in the living room. In fact, I saw it on the floor! Those things are too expensive to leave around like that, hon.” Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hey Honey, Recycled Obvious Headline Concept, Shameless Apple Plug, Whackadoodle Kitteh

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A Really Good Puppeh Name!

Chickpea. And that feature photo above is giving off a serious Barney Fife vibe, right? Ann C. says, “I’ve submitted him before, but Chickpea will one day be on C.O. I am just sure of it. [*Note: Today is the day. -Ed.] He now has over 600 Facebook friends — even though he has no […]

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December 11, 2015

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Presenting The New iPup™

The reviewer pretty well gives the new iPup™ a glowing review, but does caution that this new model can go into Sleep Mode™ at any time, which can be tricky. And there’s a problem with fluid leakage, too. Ah, they’ll push out a fix for that. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: iPup, puppeh, Shameless Apple Plug, […]

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October 15, 2015

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Workin’ Late AGAIN #SusieTheBoston

An email in earlier today from Danielle M.: “Hi! My daughter messaged me this photo of her dog, Susie, a Boston terrier, with the caption, “Trying to get her TPS reports done. Someone has a case of the Mondays.” Hope you enjoy! (My daughter’s name is Charlotte M. and she’s a first grade teacher for […]

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September 21, 2015

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