Bunday Morning Quokka!

We really should have more Quokkas on C.O. There is absolutely NO downside to this. Gotta work on that. (Imgur/Reddit.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: OZ, Quokkas

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January 17, 2016

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Caturday Night Face Plant

Jake’s not too particular about how he gets his sleep on….as long as he gets it. “This is my cat Jake. I call this one above, “the face plant Siesta,” Michael B. tells us. “He’s done it for as long as we’ve known him. Not sure why, it’s just one of the things that makes […]

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January 2, 2016

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Hey Mate, Read Me A Story, Right?

[Got it picked out here n’ everything. Warm up me bottle and scoot a chair on over. I’m not goin’ anywhere.] Wildfire! That’s what Jack and Annie are up against when they are whisked away to the land of Australia. And they’re not alone! Jack and Annie must help a baby kangaroo and a koala […]

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January 1, 2016

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Merry Christmas Down Undah

OK, it’s already the 26th at Edgar’s Mission. Details, details. Enjoy their Christmas video! Edgar’s Mission Christmas 2015 from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Christmas 2015, Edgars Mission, OZ

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December 25, 2015

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What’s A Poor Pig Gonna DO?

It seems that Edgar’s Mission resident Max just got a nice big blue ball. He really enjoyed playing with it. (Notice the past tense- enjoyed.) Problem is–Max did NOT take the time to read the fine print on the box which says “Do not squash this ball if you’re a huge pig.” So he did, […]

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December 23, 2015

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